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04-06-2012 USA to arrest world’s largest sailing ship because of Jewish books

The world’s largest sailing ship, the Sedov, that started its world cruise in May, may not reach all of its destination ports. The Sedov has recently declined entering the Swedish ports of Goteborg and Malmo because the local authorities could arrest the ship. US officials said that they would arrest the ship if it called at the port of San Francisco.

The ship was supposed to call at San Francisco in November to stay there for four days. The US authorities did not guarantee that the vessel would not be arrested. US officials politely warned the administration of the Russian Fishing Agency and the command of the Sedov about the possible arrest of the vessel because of the trial in connection with the so-called Schneerson library.

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05-03-2011 Russian icons and "Schneerson library"

Priceless icons from Moscow’s Andrei Rublyov Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art, which are currently on display in the United States, will be brought back to Russia before the exhibition’s official end. Gordon Lankton, the owner of a private gallery in Clinton, where the icons have been displayed since last autumn, has finally consented to shut the exhibition and return the icons to the museum, although for quite a long time he denied that the situation surrounding the icons was force majeure.

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